Country Program Coordinator (CPC)


Mali Country Program Coordinator (CPC) February 19, 2021


The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, on behalf of the United States African Development Foundation ( USADF ), is posting this job vacancy to seek a qualified individual to serve as a Country Program Coordinator (CPC) for its field office in Bamako, Mali, under a personal service contract for a base period of 12 months and four 12-month option periods.

The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) is a public corporation of the United States Government. USADF provides grant funding to private businesses, farmers’ cooperatives, associations, and community-based organizations, especially those serving marginalized peoples engaged in economic and social development activities.

The Foundation opened its program in Mali since 1986. USADF’s office in Bamako will provide on-going support to projects that have been financed and will identify viable local community development and small and medium-sized enterprises that show potential to create employment opportunities, generate incomes and have broad social impact beyond the project activity.

USADF seeks a qualified individual to serve as a Country Program Coordinator (CPC) for its field office in Bamako, Mali.


  1. a) Citizen of the Country of Mali.
  2. b) A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in agriculture, business administration, management, public administration, finance, accounting, community development, economics, or a related field.
  3. c) High level of motivation, personal commitment, and ethical standards.
  4. d) Fluency in spoken and written French and English.
  5. e) Good working knowledge of English and a high level of fluency at least one major national language.
  6. f) Willingness to travel extensively throughout Mali.
  7. g) Demonstrated ability to operate independently in high visibility, high-pressure environments and operate in a complex office environment, emergency and/or political crisis situations with minimal supervision.
  8. h) Knowledge of grant management or commercial/micro-lending.
  9. i) Experience working with marginalized groups and/or community-based enterprises. Experience managing client relationships, especially in a grant management, banking, business development, or international development context.
  10. j) Experience with or education related to financial management/accounting.
  11. k) Experience auditing, monitoring, or evaluating international development programs.
  12. l) Five years of professional experience in business development, finance, banking, auditing, monitoring and evaluation, and/or management of international development programs.
  13. m) Knowledge of community needs assessment, mobilization, community enterprises participatory development, and/or monitoring the implementation of an assistance activity under a grant or cooperative agreement.


This job announcement is solely intended to advertise the Mali Country Program Coordinator (CPC) position opening. To apply for this position, YOU MUST RESPOND IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SOLICITATION RFP-ADF-PRG-21-0007 POSTED AT .  


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